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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use eco-friendly products?

Yes, wherever possible.

Are the chemicals you use safe for children and pets?

Yes, although some of the protectors are quite strong smelling and the smell can linger for about 24 hours. Obviously it is not appropriate for children or pets to be present in the area whilst we are working.

Do you provide protection for adjacent surfaces and furniture?

Yes. We take great care to protect adjacent surfaces and will remove furniture wherever possible.

I have a small vanity top that is stained. Is this job too small for you?

No. No job is too small.

Can I have a free sample of your work so I can see
what the result will be like?

Yes, we are pleased to do this, depending upon the size of the job.

I have a stain in my marble, can this be removed?

Yes, most stains can be removed and the marble returned to its original look.

Do you clean fireplaces?

Yes, we clean all natural stone and will do this in situ.